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The best ski music mix ever

I only take my iPod skiing when I head up the mountain solo, which hasn’t happened much lately. But when I do, music is essential. Forgetting my iPod is like forgetting my poles (which, ahem, has never happened). I understand that there are many who enjoy the sound of nature. I dig that, too. But sometimes I like to break the sound of silence. Or maybe I just need noise to cover up the panting sound I make skiing — a constant reminder of the number of ski-conditioning classes I missed.

Regardless, a good playlist is nice company when shredding alone. It sets the tempo, revs a skier/snowboarder up and keeps them going. Like a warm-up mix before the big game, skiing to music gets the blood pumping. And when my legs are burning half way down the hill, the tempo keeps me moving at least until the end of the song.

You’ll notice, most of these songs in this mix are rock, hip hop or rap., and a couple of old-school favorites for good measure. I like faster-tempo songs when I ski. I realize it’s not for everyone. When the ski day is done, I’m more inclined to turn on Citizen Cope, Tom Petty or maybe some bluegrass, but not standing at the top of a field of snowy, untouched bliss. Staring down a steep vertical chute, I want House of Pain. Yes, that’s right. Jump Around is my favorite ski song. Maybe that’s divulging too much information about myself, but it’s true.

I can’t promise there’re no expletives. There is. That’s my disclaimer. Download at your own risk. But a good ski mix is crucial, so I made one for the listening enjoyment of Montana Snow Sports’ readers. There’re a couple ground rules. Don’t mess with the lineup. It’s perfect. If you have music suggestions, send them along! But don’t be offended if they don’t make the cut. If you think you can make a better ski mix, prove it.

Please enjoy.

Jump Around                             House Of Pain
Animal I Have Become           Three Days Grace
Can’t Tell Me Nothing            Kanye West
In the Background                   Mattafix
The Fire                                      The Roots Feat. John Legend
Dynamite                                   Taio Cruz
Butterfly                                     Crazy Town
Up Up & Away                         Kid Cudi
Last Resort                               Papa Roach
Suck My Kiss                           Red Hot Chili Peppers
Go Getta                                    Young Jeezy featuring R. Kelly
Basket Case                              Green Day
Airplanes, Part II                   B.o.B Feat. Eminem & Hayley Williams
Ooh Ahh (feat. tobyMac)    Grits
The Way I Are                        Timbaland featuring Keri Hilson & D.O.E.
Bet That                                    Trick Daddy
Shake It Off                             Lyrics Born
Seven Nation Army               The White Stripes
Here Comes the Hotstepper (Heartical Mix) Ini Kamoze
It’s a New Day                         Will.i.am

What’s your favorite ski/snowboarding song? I shared, and so should you!


3 comments to The best ski music mix ever

  • big sage

    It’s hard to beat the Dead on a powder day! Otherwise, the ipod is on shuffle with everything from The Arcade Fire to Zappa coming up!

  • Bigmtnson

    Hmmm some decent songs. Heres my input…
    Ride captain ride-blues image
    Living darfur-mattafix
    Whole lotta love-led zepplin
    Try-sweatshop union
    Sons gonna rise-citizen cope
    Watch this-swollen members
    Keep it movin-dl incognito
    and for last chair…trench town rock-bob marley

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