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Super sexy ski pants

Meet my friend Steph. 

Steph has really awesome retro ski pants that used to belong to her mother.

The bright blue color means she’ll never get lost in a blizzard. The waist is so high that Steph has to roll them several times so they sit at her waist and the bottom zippers are located in the front. Rad!

They’re made by Obermeyer, a 60-year-old mountaineering company out of Aspen, Colorado. Steph’s from Colorado.

Steph wears them with pride, and looks great!

One of my favorite parts of skiing is checking out awesome retro ski gear. The florescent colors from the 80s and the shiny snowsuit onesie.

My boyfriend and I looked on eBay before the ski season for onsie snowsuits. They were way too expensive, in my opinion. $75?! Are you kidding me?? I’m still in the market for one, but at a much reduced cost.

The point is that we all love retro ski gear. Not the stuff you wear to Snowbowl on the last day of season. That’s a COSTUME and it doesn’t count. If you or someone you know sports awesome retro ski clothes on a regular basis, send me a picture! We’ll post it on montanansnowsports.com.

Then we’ll vote and announce a winner of the sweetest retro ski outfit! I’ll plaster your name and this high honor all over this blog to spread the word  and you’ll become an instant sensation on the slopes..  if  you’re not already.

Send sweet/tubular/radical pictures to chelsi.moy@missoulian.com.


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