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Jesus Christ statue a part of Big Mountain history

University of Montana freshmen Jake Coburn, Stephanie Ralls and Claire Dal Nogare, from left, visit a statue of Jesus Christ at Whitefish Mountain Resort on Sunday afternoon. Photo by LINDA THOMPSON/Missoulian

Praying for snow has never been easier.

Reporter Tristan Scott writes about the history of the Jesus Christ statue atop Big Mountain. It’s things like this that make ski areas unique and a little quirky, and I appreciate that.


6 comments to Jesus Christ statue a part of Big Mountain history

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  • starlajay

    What a cheezy Geezy. It’s trashing up public land and should be removed.

  • Milly

    If you only knew what He did for you, you’d be ashamed to say that.

  • PastaMan

    Cool, can’t wait to see The Flying Spaghetti Monster statue right next to it.

  • you guys are fruit loops first I don’t think anyone knows much of anything from Wisconsin.. # 1 u don’t own the mountain.# 2 u think that’s just a statue … well its a monument.. do u even know anything about it u dumb azzes??? first on that mountain they trained for skiing patrols for the war to catch the Germans before they could kill our people .. when the vets come back they built it on that mountain so these boys that saved your life or vets your so proud of put this there long before it become big sky resort so your trying to tear down a monument that was built by the vets of ww11.. I bet even 1/8 of the people in Montana know about this… Wisconsin should stay in Wisconsin
    should keep your mouth shut & self in Wisconsin if u do not like our vets go to Canada move to another country .. If you don’t like our state stay out of it … go ski some where else & also what ever happen to the Constitution amendment of right to free religion .. I may believe I may not but I’m but that’s non of your Wisconsin’s business I’m 6th generation & will be the first in front of it & to stand to fight over it … as I say u don’t like it, its a historical monument stay the hell out of Montana U know nothing about true Montana u know nothing u come here put on a cowboy hat & your called want to be cowboys… its our state not yours its the vets not yours matter a fact its non of your business .. your nothing but Hippocrates & know not a thing about history we should go there a rip down your old junk 1700s homes or your history cz ours means nothing to you yours mean nothing to me for fact,, u out siders done enough to this state get out & stay out or deal with it.. there,s a song for u idiots god is great beer is good & people are azz holes I mean crazy .. so if u don’t like it turn your head or don’t come back ..real Montanans DO NOT ASK YOU HERE OR EVEN WANT YOU HERE … I hope every vet reads this & anyone touches that monument gets hurt & like the olden days put on a rail tared & shown the way out of Montana.. In fact we should get together here in Montana & file a counter action against who ever is trying to file suite over some thing that’s not even in there state or a historical monument as well as the historical Susette get involved its Montana history non of you out of staters business you come here for what a week & think you can tell us what to do over our history??? your wrong I’m talking to a lawyer & I’m done with people like you & going to try starting a class action every Mountain please write in this u want to start this class action so we can get these out of staters out of our life’s .. anyone been here for anytime know already what they done to this country of ours.. so get off you butts & do some thing for a change ..

    one last thing Wisconsin cheese factory’s stink so bad we should have them closed cz they are nothing but sewer smalling places if Wisconsin wants in Montana’s business let not buy a thing including there cheese because if you look at the labels you can buy Saginaw cheese & cheese right out of Michigan.. I for one am sick of these people coming here getting away from the laws in the big city’s & then they try getting what they get away from .. anyone lives here & has for over 30 years knows how much they brought in with then but not one has the guts to say hea go back where you got your laws & take your people in our government with you … they claim always to help but end up bring in things that we are to small to have… it just hurts us in this state

    Thank you Montana

  • we its right cheese grezzz should tear down walnut grove its about a girl that tells farie tales in wiss that were not true but fact is religion there is through the town …as far as starlajay you got that right about wiss being just that cheese grezzz… cheese pits & pig farms stay where ur at dont come here if u do look me up I;ll take care of ur problem & quit hiding behind the net lets see what ur made of face to face

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