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Steamboat trademark says no Champagne Powder TM (snow) in Montana

The Missoulian received a “cease and desist” letter recently from Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation asking that the newspaper never use the term Champagne Powder TM (snow) in any story ever again because the ski resort trademarked the phrase. The term appeared recently in a Missoulian weather story.

(Pause for rolling of the eyes)

Does this sound familiar?

Remember when the Paws Up Ranch owner tried to trademark Montana’s much-loved phrase, “The Last Best Place”? Yeah, Montanans loved that.

Apparently, Champagne Powder TM (snow) doesn’t exist in Missoula.  Snow conditions at places other than Steamboat must be referred to simply as “powder” or “packed powder.”

Well, gee, thanks.

Steamboat, it seems, is known for sending out cease and desist letters. In fact, Steamboat even started sending out these letters while their application was still pending before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Just ask the Aspen Times or the political blog capitolhillblue.co

Even the Wikipedia site for “champagne powder” doesn’t use the appropriate trademark symbols.

Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t want to use the term.  It’s cliche  and Missoula’s snow is more light and fluffy anyway.

Part of me, however, now wants to name Missoula’s powder. Champagne is a little too fancy for us. We’re beer drinking people. So, since, the champagne of beers is Miller High Life, maybe Montana’s snow should be called High Life Powder.


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  • Alo

    Still can’t beat colorados snow though and the snow is not more light and fluffy in Missoula. I have been skiing in Utah, California, new Mexico, Colorado, BC, Montana, Germany, and chile (still need Alaska) the best snow was in Colorado. The snow can not be beaten especially steamboats trade marked champaigne even though it can be found at other ski areas in Colorado.

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