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Getting fat… skis, that is

I didn’t feel terrible leaving  for the holidays to the Caribbean because it didn’t seem like there was much snow then.  Now that I’m back, I’ve been getting good reports from the slopes and that makes me excited because I threw down for a new pair of fatty skis right before I left.

The Rossignol S7’s. They’re pink. Pretty. And fat — my first real pair of fat skis. Now, that seems ridiculous, right? You’re first pair? Well, I grew up with a heavy focus on carving. Tight small turns on groomed slopes, so it took awhile to reprogram my brain.

I spent hours on skinet.com ‘s gear guide, reading reviews and comparing different sticks. I looked seriously at the Armada VJJ, but couldn’t quite get over the name. Seriously? A women’s ski called the Vjj?

I chatted up store clerks and friends. One guy who looked no older than his early 20s actually laughed at me when I told him my Stockli Rotors were 76 centimeters under the foot. He laughed! I felt like an old person clinging to yesterday’s technology even though my Stocklis are only two years old! Well. I’ll show that stranger I’ve never met before and probably never will again! I have fat skis now. 110 cm under the foot.

I needed a lighter pair of skis to take into the back country. My Stockli Rotors were not cutting it.

So, now comes another tough, and expensive, decision. Bindings.  I realize I’m behind the ball in regards to buying gear, but I already have a good set up, so I don’t feel a need to rush. I have Marker Barons on my Stocklis. I like them except they’re not as light as other brands, but they are durable when I use them on area. And it’s kind of a pain in the butt taking off my skis to transfer them from trekking to ski mode.

Marker came out with the Tour bindings, a plastic version of the Barons, which makes them lighter. Here’s the catch: On a powder day at the Bowl, It’s likely I’ll be packing my S7s. So, I need a durable, yet light weight binding that I can, if necessary, ski on area really hard.

I want the best of all worlds! I just don’t know if that’s possible. Suggestions and opinions welcome.

I’m heading to Big Sky this weekend for New Years. I’m embarrassed to say it’s my first time out this season, but I’m excited. Pray for powder!

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