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The Weather Channel lists WMR as a Top 10 Scenic Resort

Photo by Brian Schott

Whitefish Mountain Resort was named one of The Weather Channel’s “Ten Most Scenic Resorts,” ranking No. 6 on the list. It’s not difficult to see why.

A crystal clear day on the summit of Big Mountain reveals spectacular views into Glacier National Park, its snow-white fortress of mountains rising like a parapet to the east before intersecting the blue peaks of the Great Bear Wilderness. The diamond glitter of Flathead Lake can be spied to the south while Whitefish Lake lies at the foot of Big Mountain, and the Flathead Valley sprawls out below.

The Weather Channel describes the summit view: “Full 3-D views sweep from the ramparts of nearby Glacier National Park to Flathead Lake and the white spires of the Mission and Salish ranges.”

The number of blue bird days that afford such a panorama are limited in Whitefish, but a Big Mountain summit view is a breathtaking experience, indeed – whether it’s for the first time or the 50th – while steep glades flanked by Dr. Seuss-like “Snow Ghosts” make the descents just as visually stimulating.

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