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News from Downing Mountain Lodge

From John Lerhman, owner of Downing Mountain Lodge, a backcountry ski lodge near Hamilton:untitled

I had recently sent some folks a basic update, but could not send to all my friends and guests due to email list size constraints. Hence the new look and email content provided through Constant Contact. I do like the new format and hope you will too.

We have been working hard this fall on continuing the hazard tree reduction project. By glading another significant ~150 acre section of the main bowl of little Downing Mountain, specifically working in ZONE B this season after a good start in ZONE A last year, we have significantly reduced the hazard presented by the fire hardened whips and snags. Thanks to a number of volunteers: Bob, Ken, Mike, Blake, Daniel, Kenny and Will who contributed their time and significant energy to helping fell hazard trees and work on the vision to improving safety and skiability in our favorite locations. We also wish to thank the Bitterroot National Forest for cooperating in helping us burn firewood slash piles on Rabbit Run along the skin ridge in ZONE D. Additional thanks goes to the Darby Ranger for granting us permission to work on this hazard tree reduction project in the 2012 burned area. If interested in contributing for trade we’ll be at it again next summer and fall.

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