The Long and Winding Road: Seven Decades – Say It’s Not! | column book

To my shock, this occurred to me. And whereas I used to be attempting to remain secure in denial, I might now not problem that actuality. I am formally previous, rattling it. Final week I turned seventy. Previous girl sitting on my chair. I’ve reached what Anne Lamott refers to because the third trimester of … Read more

This book uses insights from Yoga Shastra and Mahabharata to present principles and practices to enable behavioral transformation

The guide “5 Seats of Energy” by Raghu Anantanarayanan presents every of the 5 Pandavas – Yodeshthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula, and Sahadeva – as an archetype of a selected form of energy: order and stability, ardour and motion, curiosity and data, amongst others. Drawing on every of those archetypal energies, the writer explores the practical … Read more